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Emmerdale Farm Volume 2

Emmerdale Farm Volume 2 DVD release details

Title: Emmerdale Farm: Volume 2
Release Date: 14th September 2009
Format: DVD (4 disc set)
Classification: 12
Run time: 650 mins
Barcode ref: 5027626320348
Released by: network







Emmerdale Farm Volume 2 DVD release details:

Press release by Network DVD:-

Following the success of previous titles and due to popular demand Network is delighted to announce the release of EMMERDALE FARM VOLUME TWO (12). All 26 episodes of the popular ITV drama are available for the first time in a four-disc set on 14 th September 2009, complete and uncut, RRP £29.99.

Ten days have passed since Emmerdale Farm Limited was formed. The Jameson farm now belongs to the Sugden and Wilks partnership and preparations are underway for the sheepdog trials. But amid the bustle and excitement, ev ents are about to take a dramatic and ultimately tragic turn for one local family…

Relive the drama of one of the nation's most successful and long-running programmes, featuring some of soap land's most iconic characters. EMMERDALE has gone on to receive numerous awards and accolades since it was first broadcast on ITV 37 years ago, including a BAFTA for Best British Soap (2001), a TV Quick Award for Best British Actress (2000), and a TV Quick Award for Best Soap Newcomer (1998).

Episodes contained on the Emmerdale Farm Volume 2 DVDs are: (Beware spoliers below)

Episode 27 - At the sheepdog trials, Granddad parades in the suit he's bought with part of the money received for his share of the farm. Amos is manning the beer tent and local youths chat up the girls. For Sharon Crossthwaite, however, excitement rapidly turns to fear. Original ITV Transmission 22 January 1973

 Episode 28 - Granddad's friend Hilly tries to con him into buying a non-pedigree sheepdog pup. While Jim Latimer's friends search for him, he taunts Sharon by the riverside, refusing to let her return home; his behaviour becomes increasingly menacing. Original ITV Transmission 23 January 1973

Episode 29 - Jim gives up waiting for Sharon to emerge from her hiding place. When PC Ball questions him, he claims he hasn't seen her since the sheepdog trials. A tramp, ‘Trash', breaks into the millhouse, and Henry learns that Marian is not with Jack. Original ITV Transmission 29 January 1973

Episode 30 - Jack allows Trash to stay on at the millhouse in return for running errands. Henry, meanwhile, must find Jack so that papers can be signed to change the farm's ownership. Sharon has withdrawn her savings from the building society - but why? Original ITV Transmission 30 January 1973

Episode 31 - Jack is staying at the millhouse, trying to write his second novel; he still can't persuade Trash to have a wash. Granddad states that he's seen Jack with a woman in the village, and, amid a strained atmosphere, Laura Verney makes a confession to her husband. Original ITV Transmission 5 February 1973

Episode 32 - Gossip spreads as many link Trash's sudden abundance of ready cash with Sharon's disappearance; a police visit unnerves him. The vicar is saddened by Amos's refusal to hire a woman recently released from jail, and Jack gives Henry disappointing news. Original ITV Transmission 6 February 1973

Episode 33 - Laura's taking an interest in Jack, and it seems to be reciprocal. When Annie asks him about Marian he tells her to look to Joe for her happiness. Amos, meanwhile, fears for the future; it seems Dale Breweries want all their pubs to have a family atmosphere… Original ITV Transmission 12 February 1973

Episode 34 - Peggy is admitted to hospital, and Amos changes his mind about Alison. The vicar is impressed, failing to see his ulterior motive. The mystery of Sharon's disappearance continues to haunt the village; Annie recognises her watch, found by Trash. Original ITV Transmission 13 February 1973  

Episode 35 - Jack and Laura's affair grows more passionate. Jack argues with the vicar, who knows that Verney wants to save his marriage, and Granddad warns of Laura's reputation. Tragedy strikes as police seek Trash for questioning, leaving Jack with a deep sense of guilt. Original ITV Transmission 19 February 1973

Episode 36 - The Rev. Ruskin has found Jack and Laura in a compromising situation. Frank has been given notice to quite the forge and Trash has escaped while being questioned about the watch by PC Hallam. Original ITV Transmission 20 February 1973

Episode 37 - The vicar asks to speak to Frank and Janie about their forthcoming marriage. Henry is back from New Zealand; he tells Annie that Marian has met an older man over there. Amos, meanwhile, nervously awaits the arrival of the Woolpack's new barmaid… Original ITV Transmission 26 February 1973

Episode 38 - Alison starts work behind the bar under the watchful eye of Amos - her presence causing some interest among the regulars. Matt brings Peggy home, and Janie and Frank go to see the vicar, who questions their reasons for wanting a church wedding. Original ITV Transmission 27 February 1973

Episode 39 - Reverend Ruskin gives Frank and Janie his blessing. He later lets slip to George that Laura and Jack's London visits coincided; a phone call to the flat confirms George's worst fears. The refurbished Woolpack opens, but the customers seem to be elsewhere. Original ITV Transmission 5 March 1973

Episode 40 - Henry's still keen to join the hunt; he promises Janie that he'll have a word with George about Frank and the forge. Jack and Laura argue, and George confides in Reverend Ruskin. He fears even his servants know of Laura's indiscretions. Original ITV Transmission 6 March 1973

Episode 41 - Trash's inquest delivers its verdict. Jack pays for a funeral; it is a lonely occasion. Henry tells Frank that George is the major shareholder in East Pennine Investments, of which Dale Properties is a subsidiary. Both conclude that revenge is the motive in evicting Frank. Original ITV Transmission 12 March 1973

Episode 42 - Matt and Henry clash with Jack over the proposed piggery, and the animosity between Jack and Verney reaches new heights. On hearing Jack is behind the newspaper report, Verney takes matters into his own hands; his fury knows no restraint. Original ITV Transmission 13 March 1973

Episode 43 - Jack lies in shock in the millhouse following Verney's attack. As Laura's feelings for him seem to be cooling, he is visited by Alison. She is spotted by Amos, who has already put together his own version of events … Original ITV Transmission 19 March 1973

Episode 44 - Frank tells Janie that he doesn't want to cancel their honeymoon. The mystery girl who has been asking the way to the old mill explains to Joe that she is looking for her father - a tramp who has been staying there with Jack Sugden… Original ITV Transmission 20 March 1973

Episode 45 - Amos is uneasy about Alison and Henry's friendship. Frank is told that he can stay at the forge, and Annie takes Penny to meet Jack; Matt suggests telling Jack that Joe is keen on her to forestall any trouble. Henry makes a possibly significant discovery. Original ITV Transmission 26 March 1973

Episode 46 - As everyone prepares for Frank and Janie's wedding, Joe is on tenterhooks waiting to see if Penny returns from the millhouse - he worries that she is more interested in Jack. Original ITV Transmission 27 March 1973

Episode 47 - Whilst walking, Henry and Alison find the girl's shoe again. Joe is upset when Penny appears to have forgotten about her fishing lesson and gone to see Jack instead, and Matt gives Sam a piece of his mind. Original ITV Transmission 2 April 1973

Episode 48 - Annie tries to stop Joe leaving home. Jack tries to reassure him about Penny, but Joe is unwilling to listen. Annie is dismayed by Jack's intention to lodge a complaint about the planned pig unit, and Henry confides to Annie that he's feeling rather lost. Original ITV Transmission 3 April 1973

Episode 49 - Penny rents a room with Beryl Crossthwaite. Her presence evokes painful memories; she has also caught the attention of Jim Latimer. When an emergency arises at Inglebrook, the Sugdens' newly installed telephone proves invaluable! Original ITV Transmission 9 April 1973

Episode 50 - Joe and Matt have helped salvage some of Henry's belongings following the fire at Inglebrook, and he is offered a bed by both Annie and Reverend Ruskin. Jim asks Penny out, and Peggy goes into labour. Original ITV Transmission 10 April 1973

Episode 51 - The Sugdens and the Skilbecks celebrate the birth of twins. After discussing Alison's troubled past with her, Henry proposes. Jim shows a sudden interest in churchgoing, and Annie and Beryl are alarmed when Penny repeats something he has told her. Original ITV Transmission 16 April 1973

Episode 52 - Alison asks Henry for more time to think about his proposal, and Amos has a strange suggestion of his own. After Penny suffers a terrifying ordeal at the millhouse, the shocking truth about Sharon's disappearance is finally revealed. Original ITV Transmission 17 April 1973.