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Piece Of Cake

Piece Of Cake - The Complete Series DVD release details

Title: Piece Of Cake - The Complete Series
Release Date: 14th September 2009
Format: DVD (2 disc set)
Classification: 12
Run time: 310 mins
Barcode ref: 5027626317744
Released by: network







Piece Of Cake - The Complete Series

Press release by Network DVD:-

NETWORK will release the acclaimed LWT drama A PIECE OF CAKE – THE COMPLETE SERIES (12) on 14th September 2009. This 2-disc set includes all 6 episodes complete and uncut, RRP £19.99.

Based on the novel by former RAF fighter plotter and Booker Prize nominee Derek Robinson, A PIECE OF CAKE tells the story of twelve young RAF pilots of Hornet Squadron and their sojourn in France, during the brief period of peace before they get called upon to engage in the warfare that is carried out against an enemy that is ultimately better armed, better experienced and better trained than they are. It is September 1939 and Britain has entered the War. The twelve young pilots leave for France with the prospect of flying beautiful aircraft in perfect formation. In their youthful and exuberant minds, they are ready for any situation and any enemy. Despite the raging war, life is still for the living after all. As they endure the mounting anticipation of the “phoney war”, the novices – some still in their teenage years – are determined to sample the delights that France has to offer.

A PIECE OF CAKE stars Tim Woodward ( Wings ), Neil Dudgeon ( Life of Riley ), Nathaniel Parker ( Bleak House ) and Jeremy Northam ( Gosford Park ). Featuring meticulously researched combat scenes and restored period aircraft, stunning aerial photography and special effects, A PIECE OF CAKE also emphasises the fragility and vulnerability of the pilots. As a result, the characterisations are rounded and the youthful heroes of the Battle of Britain are brought vividly to life.