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Queenie's Castle: The Complete Series

Queenie's Castle: The Complete Series DVD release details

Title: Queenie's Castle: The Complete Series
Release Date: 10th August 2009
Format: DVD (3 disc set)
Classification: 12
Run time: 450 mins
Barcode ref: 5027626308742
Released by: network







Queenie's Castle: The Complete Series DVD release:

Press release by Network DVD:-

Network DVD is delighted to announce the release of the popular Yorkshire sitcom starring screen legend Diana Dors in one of her most memorable roles from 1970s - as the brassy Queenie Shepherd. She is the glamorous matriarch of the Shepherd family which comprises mainly of scroungers, layabouts and frequent visitors to the magistrate's court. QUEENIE'S CASTLE THE COMPLETE SERIES (Cert. TBC) is available to buy in a 3-disc set on 10 th August 2009, RRP £19.99.

Queenie rules the roost in Margaret Rose House, a council estate in Buckingham in Yorkshire. With her husband mysteriously and strikingly absent, Queenie shares her abode with a number of other men: her three grown-up but unruly princelings Bunny, Raymond, the unemployed and idle Douglas; then there is also her wheeling-dealing brother-in-law Jack (Tony Caunter Eastenders). Needless to say that this household spends a large amount of their time terrorising the entire housing estate; and when things get too crowded in their own flat, they would all re-group at the nearby Builder's Arms where raucous sing-song or preparation of alibis usually ensue.

From the makers and creators of Billy Liar and Budgie, Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall ensure the quick wit and freshness of this beloved show. The pace is fast and the material is unexpectedly near the knuckle for a peak time sitcom. This release will appeal to all fans of classic comedies.

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