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Stay Lucky: The Complete First Series

Stay Lucky: The Complete First Series DVD release details

Title: Stay Lucky: The Complete First Series
Release Date: 7th September 2009
Format: DVD (1 disc set)
Classification: 12
Run time: 150 mins
Barcode ref: 5027626309848
Released by: network







Stay Lucky: The Complete First Series

Press release by Network DVD:-

Network DVD is set to release light-hearted, popular drama series STAY LUCKY – THE COMPLETE FIRST SERIES (12) on 7 th September 2009, RRP £14.99. This Yorkshire-based comedy thriller tells the story of a cockney wide boy, a headstrong, fiercely independent northern woman and her precious houseboat.

Dennis Waterman (The Knock) is Thomas Gynn, a London gangland member on the run from demons old and new. He heads north in an attempt to carve out a new life for himself. At a rain-lashed service station on the A1, Thomas meets widow Sally Hardcastle (Jan Francis – Just Good Friends), a feisty, no-nonsense local businesswoman. The sparks literally fly as he fixes Sally's broken-down car and is reluctantly offered a lift to Leeds . With much unwillingness and a degree of surprise, the mismatched pair find themselves becoming reliant upon each other through a series of misadventures…

Episode Listing

A1 Rain Dancer Thomas and Sally meet for the first time on the A1. Having been caught in a rather compromising position, Thomas fixes Sally's car and is offered a lift to Leeds …

The Howling Although they try to maintain a healthy distance, circumstances seem to keep drawing Thomas and Sally back together…

Foo's Gold While the eccentric Lord Winderscale struggles to come to terms with the loss of his prized £1,000,000 Botticelli, Thomas and Sally find themselves in serious peril when they make a startling discovery on board Sally's houseboat. A kidnapping, a hair-raising boat chase along the canal an a few home truths at the manor keep the odd couple busy indeed…