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The Gaffer: The Complete Series 1

The Gaffer - The Complete Series 1 DVD release details

Title: The Gaffer - The Complete Series 1
Release Date: 17th August 2009
Format: DVD (1 disc set)
Classification: TBC
Run time: 150
Barcode ref: 5027626308841
Released by: network







The Gaffer - The Complete Series 1 DVD release:

Press release by Network DVD:-

Bill Maynard stars in THE GAFFER – THE COMPLETE FIRST SERIES (PG), released by Network DVD on 17 th August 2009, RRP £12.99.

Fred Moffatt (Bill Maynard - Oh No, it's Selwyn Froggitt!, Heartbeat) is a tight-fisted yet quick-thinking director of a small light-engineering firm, in this cleverly scripted, bittersweet sitcom.

The recession is biting, and the Gaffer finds himself under siege from the taxman, his creditors, his bank manager… and just about everyone else. He sometimes resorts to extreme measures to keep his head above water, and is permanently at odds with militant shop steward Harry (Russell Hunter - Callan ). But glamorous secretary Betty (Pat Ashton ) is always around to lighten the mood - even if she rarely succeeds in getting Harry and Fred to see eye-to-eye…

Presented here is the entire first series of this hugely popular sitcom from Yorkshire Television, originally screened in 1981.  

Episode Listing

All in a Day's Strike - The Gaffer needs to engineer a strike in order to win a new order!

A Seat on the Board - The Gaffer's locked into battle with shop steward Harry again.

Albert - Betty gets her cousin Albert a job with the Gaffer, but he's not an ideal employee…

Dear Old Pals - An old army pal comes to work for the Gaffer, but his approach doesn't prove popular.

The Trouble with Women - When it comes to women in the factory, the Gaffer has issues…

England Exports - The Gaffer's attempts to boost overseas sales don't meet with everyone's approval.