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New DVD / Blu-ray releases September 2009

Our Top 3 pick of September 2009's best TV DVD and Blu-ray releases.

1. The Prisoner: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

Released: 28 Sep 2009

Few other vintage series' Blu-ray release can have been as eagerly awaited. The visual aesthetic of this wonderful series (here in a digitally restored version) is ideal for the Blu-ray format. Hard to believe the huge impact of this series bearing in mind only 17 episodes were made of this way ahead of its time adventure series. More info on The Prisoner Blu-ray box set....

2. Emmerdale Farm - Vol. 2

Released: 14 Sep 2009

A very welcome second volume of a truly groundbreaking 'soap'. With the quality of the acting and writing, esecially in these early years, this should definitely be considered more a continuing drama, rather than a soap opera.

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More info on Emmerdale Farm Volume 2 DVD.

3. The Simpsons - Season 12 complete

Released: 28 Sep 2009

One of the very best Simpsons series. Includes two classic episodes, that rank amongst the very best episodes in the entire run:- "HomeR": Homer has a crayon removed from his brain and becomes a genius. Also, "The Great Money Caper": the episode where Bart and Homer start their own business as grifters.

The best of the rest of cult TV DVD and Blu-ray releases from September 2009

The Complete Dear Ladies and Gala Evenings Collection

Released: 07 Sep 2009

Six disks containing all three series of the wonderful Dear Ladies set in Stackton Tressel. Plus the gala evening specials held by Doctor Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket.

Sergeant Cork: Series 1

Released: 07 Sep 2009

This wonderful series that ran between 1963-1966, created by Ted Willis (writer of Dixon Of Dock Green). Starring John Barrie in the title role, and ably assisted by William Gaunt as Bob Marriott.

More Details on Sergeant Cork - The Complete First Series DVD.

Doctor Who - The Twin Dilemma

Released: 07 Sep 2009

Colin Baker's first story as the Doctor. This is considered by fans to be one of the least popular Doctor Who stories in its entire history. This is also the final Colin Baker story to come out on DVD.

Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt! - Series 2 - Complete

Released: 07 Sep 2009

Following hot on the heels of the release of series 1 in May, we get another helping of the Yorshire TV series. Stars Bill Maynard as the clumsy, daft as a brush comic creation Selwyn Froggitt. "Oh never mind".

More Details on Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt! - The Complete Second Series DVD

Are You Being Served: Series 8

Released: 07 Sep 2009

The 1981 series of the so-so sitcom. By this time, the nation's interest in Mrs Slocombe's cat was surely beginning to wane. This series does includes one of the very best episodes - where the staff (and Gordon Kaye) shoot a commercial in the shore.

Hot Metal: Series 1

Released: 07 Sep 2009

Superb 1980's satire on the newspaper industry. A wonderful script includes lots of knowing references to real industry figures. An excellent cast includes Geoffrey Palmer, John Gordon Sinclair and Robert Hardy.

More Details on Hot Metal - The Complete First Series DVD.

Piece of Cake: The Complete Series

Released: 14 Sep 2009

The excellent series from 1988, that follows the men of the RAF Hornet Squadron, and their exploits through the early years of World War II. A wonderful small screen adaptation of the popular 1983 novel written by Derek Robinson.

More details on Piece Of Cake: The Complete Series DVD.

The Wheeltappers And Shunters Social Club - Series 1

Released: 14 Sep 2009

Only the 70s could spawn a series set in a fictional working men's club, but showcasing real 'turns'. Colin Crompton was the true star of the show as the disheveled club chairman.

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More details on The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club - Series 1 DVD release.

Doctor Who - The Keys Of Marinus

Released: 21 Sep 2009

From the second year of the series, comes this six episode story starring William Hartnell. Terry Nation's script is about as ambitious as any of stories included during the rest of the the 1960s' series. The DVD reissue series has been an absolute joy - how long before the Blu-ray reissue campaign starts in earnest?

Other notable DVD and Blu-ray TV releases in September 2009

Ashes to Ashes Series 1& 2 Boxset

Released: 07 Sep 2009

Simply one of the best series to come out of the last few years. Unusually for a sequel series, the storylines and format is not showing signs of weakness. Can't wait for series 3 which will conclude the whole series.

Sex and the City: Series 1-6

Released: 07 Sep 2009

This series is obviously immensely popular, which is still a completely mystery. No doubt the release of the next dreadful movie will prompt further calls for the series to be brought back to the small screen.

Frasier - Series 1-11 - Complete

Released: 07 Sep 2009

Originally a spin-off from Cheers, but the sassier writing evident here and the strength of the two main characters, have led to Frasier becoming one of the truly great all-time US sitcoms.


Released: 07 Sep 2009

Jimmy McGovern's excellent but harrowing account of one of the countries worst ever sporting disasters, and the ensuing cover-ups and the many mis-directions.

More Details on Hillsborough DVD.

Getting On

Released: 07 Sep 2009

One of this years best comedies, co-written and co-starring Jo Brand as a nurse in a NHS hospital. It's largely ad-libbed format and realistic performances are a real joy.

Stay Lucky: Series 1

Released: 07 Sep 2009

The first series of the long running Yorkshire TV comedy drama series. Starring Jan Francis, Emma Wray and Dennis Waterson - before you ask - he sang the theme tune.

More Details on Stay Lucky - The Complete First Series DVD.

The Comedians - Series 6

Released: 21 Sep 2009

Series 6 from 1974 stars a whole host of new faces including Russ Abbot, Stu Francis and Jim Bowen performing alongside regulars Mike Reid, Frank Carson, Stan Boardman and Roy Walker.

More details on The Comedians - Series 6 DVD release.

Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle

Released: 07 Sep 2009

The writer of 'Jerry Springer The Musical', gets back to telly stand up in his own inimitably sardonic stylee. Sadly this vehicle doesn't include the curious orange, and precious few references to The Fall.

Moonlighting: Complete Seasons 1-5

Released: 14 Sep 2009

The complete five seasons of the quirky, wisecracking and hugely innovative show that ran from 1985 through to 1989. All the 66 episodes are collected here and crammed onto 10 DVDs.

Seinfeld: The Complete Series

Released: 14 Sep 2009

All nine series of the landmark show. That is some 4,000 minutes of hilarity on the 33 discs (yes 33), of the show that somehow managed to maintain its quality and never seemed to lose its way.

Two Pints of Lager & A Packet of Crisps: Series 8

Released: 14 Sep 2009

The series shown earlier in the year, a second series since Johnny 'jumped the shark'. It remains to this day one of the best sitcoms ever to be based in Runcorn - with the words lager and crisps in the title.

Gossip Girl - Complete Season 1 and 2

Released: 28 Sep 2009

One of the most wanted DVDs, though it has to be said. not by us as this particular series has completely passed us by. Dare we suggest it is the Beverly Hills 90210 for the social networking generation?